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Last updated on 05/26/2020

CONGRESSIONAL FORUM ON VOTE FRAUD: Dec. 13, 2004, Columbus, Ohio. Thousands of cases of vote fraud and vote suppression were documented and exposed in Ohio.

Dec. 13 was the 2nd convening of a Congressional Forum to expose the second theft of the presidency by G.W. Bush, as well as an attempt to restore our voting rights.

Contrast the multiple schemes of vote theft and suppression discovered in Ohio with the election process in other western nations. Australia, for example, where voters fill out a paper ballot, is given a receipt, and the ballots are publicly counted.

And voting is mandatory. It costs a little more but they have at least the semblance of a democracy.

Columbus’s testimony and statements from Cong. John Conyers, whistleblower Clint Curtis, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Susan Truen (K.I.S.S., Ohio), Joan Quinn and Rev. Moss, et al.

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